Advising is our business

MATRICIS’ innovative solution helps you become a key player in Industrial Cleaning Service Management.

Internally-developed software to help manage Industrial Cleaning Services

  • Available to download online, innovative, easy and user-friendly.
  • Accessible to those managing property assets with cost containment in mind.
  • Usable by service providers for structuring and scaling offers.

Calls for tender

  • Working out reference times and optimised operating modes.
  • Preparing reliable operational portfolios.
  • Quantifying operating times per product item.
  • Calculating the time of models and thereby providing assistance in programming.
  • Creating a catalogue of the nature of premises and services available online.
  • Technical and economic simulations.

A quality and contractual monitoring tool

  • Compatible with monitoring controls (visual, Bassoumeter, etc.).
  • Traceability of operations via an onlineapplication.
  • Operationalprogramming management.
  • Contractualisation of deviations in quality and omissions.

Cleanliness, MATRICIS’ core business

With a concern for efficacy, we propose cutting-edge services to assist and advise you in your business.

We understand the challenges you face and use best practices to fully safeguard your customers and help build up your success.

The various operators with whom you will be in contact are cleaning and hygiene professionals trained at the best schools and with perfect knowledge of the environment of companies subject to specific rules and complex measurement processes.

Our staff understand the challenges you face and can propose solutions to help you develop your business in total trust.