MATRICIS’ solutions

Matricis’ team of experts proposes an array of solutions tailored to your needs.

Professionals in the cleaning sector, or businesses and institutions which have to meet cleanliness criteria, we operate at all levels along the chain.

Our know-how and expertise provide strong added value to our offer.

Our innovative services will help you build up each stage of your approach.

Matricis Consulting

We advise you when drafting your specifications, to produce a joint document drawn up in close collaboration with your staff, who are fine-tuned to all the ins and outs of your structure.

Matricis, Design Office

Together, we define the level of quality to be targeted to meet your strategic aims. We propose several levels of services to meet your challenges.

Matricis, Clean concept

We are your dedicated partner to ensure that your clean rooms are in line with good practicesaimed at fulfilling high levels of requirements in terms of hygiene and contamination-free environments.


Matricis, Mesure-Propreté

We propose a dust-measuring system that is both reliable and proven – the Bassoumeter Evolution II model.

Ease-of-use, reliable results.

The measurement can then be used in an internal quality approach or for certification.

Matricis’ solutions are suitable for ALL professional users.

Our array of solutions is intended both for professionals in the cleaning sector and facilities and companies whose activity requires guarantees of hygiene and respect of stringent procedures.


Cleaning professionals

Service providers carrying out cleaning operations but also Facility Management Administrators in charge of cleaning contracts.



Schools, crèches, administrative bodies, universities, care homes, reception centres….



Hospital facilities, clinics, accommodation centres, restaurants, stations, airports, motorway service areas…



Production sites, state-of-the-art plants, laboratories, food industry, research centres…