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Matricis’ Mission


When dealing with results-based specifications, neither staff, nor the amount of time spent, nor equipment, cleaning products or the frequency of intervention are contractually defined:what needs to be done is to check that the result is achieved and consequently develop a form of unbiased monitoring.

Since each reading or measurement has to be free of interpretation, a measuring system is required, and this has to be as simple and objective as possible.

In order to determine the dust level of hard, flat, smooth or dry surfaces of any type of material answering to these characteristics, it has been customary for the past ten or so years to use a processfor monitoring surface cleanliness. This process (such as the Bassoumeterin the above image) is intended to establish comparative non-adherent dust sampling tests over a sampling area defined by the device.

Aware of how attentive prime contractors are to monitoring the cleanliness of their property assets, but also of cleaning companies, which implement self-monitoring systems for the services they provide, Matricishas developed the Bassoumeterdevice as an ideal solution.